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David Muir started this conversation

I have commtted myself to be debt free by the time I retire, this money would do that.  I have also committed to not use credit cards any more.  I have lived with depression and anxiety all my life and this money would go a long way to relieve some of the stress I am under.  I know that others have dire situations in their life and need money.  But the stress I am under is unbearable at times and sometimes I feel that I just do not want to go on any more.  Please help me and I will be greatful to you the rest of my life.  David

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hithere   in reply to Anonymous
Does David WORK?
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hithere   in reply to Anonymous
yes u r right- it is so sad how there are homeless people out there- terrible-
for DAVID-
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I wish I had the money to give you but I dont. I however have a bit of advice. Go down to a river thats flowing and sit there for at least 30 mins. I guarantee you will feel a tad better... next, offer an exchange or trade-off with a wealthy person in your neighbourhood. If he's a good person, he will invest in you
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Eutawangel   in reply to Hobart4
I'm very sorry for your suffering, not sure if you early history has caused some negative feelings & slanted your heart or not. I also suffered as most have & did not grow up in a Christian family nor with a father at all. I'm discovering the beauty & grace of love in God the Father & still struggle at times to see how He loves perfectly & not like mortal fallen mankind. I know for a fact that the best answer help for all is Jesus as Lord & Savior. Knowing Him as such is not about suffering, it’s about having a help beyond any human hand during good times & esp. needed in bad.. We all are called to pick up cross & that is a daily struggle in some way. Most born again Christians grasp & know I'm not sure why you would criticize me sharing Jesus? I shared exercise, other good advice & you failed to comment that I should not judge on those issues of lesser importance than Jesus...why? In reality, when sharing & giving advice...many folk on here & everywhere share solutions to help...some solutions may be already used some not. It's a hit or miss. Therefore, if the individual does really 'know' harm done, but if not perhaps a soul is saved! It's worth the time to always include Gospel hope, since that is eternal, along with other stuff that is not eternal...which you seem to have no problem with me 'assuming' by giving in my advice. It was no harm intended when I recommended exercise 'harm' definitely intended when I recommended Jesus. May God bless you & heal of any past hurts.
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to Hobart4
thanks for the wisdom
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Hobart4   in reply to Eutawangel
I grew up with a very christian family which caused even more stress but that's a different part of my past. Yes, I know that all of what you said can bring peace to many people but that is not what has made me the way I am. I was born autistic, did not speak until age 7, which made school and life beyond difficult. I had a wonderfully patient mother who never pushed me beyond what I was ready for. but also had a very impatient father who did. the struggle to do what each wanted and be accepted was hard as a child. They each have grown and mellowed with age and we all have come together as adults. Please know that just because someone suffers, doesn't mean they don't know Jesus. You shouldn't judge so quickly.
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Eutawangel   in reply to Anonymous
Folk in NYS need to pool all affected by child support & threaten to unelect anyone incl mayor/Governor, who will not overturn that mandate law & do it. I'm not kidding & this can be done in spare time less than avg 1 hr a week per member to form coaliation. Even 5 dollar dues for exspense incl pay time for member who is working on it! Americans no longer get involved in politics except now Tea Party (yeah) & Occupy Wallstreet (yeah)...
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Eutawangel   in reply to Hobart4
Please if you have not already read the Bible (see John 1-3 chapters esp) & prayed, please repent & recieve Jesus as Savior & Lord of life...then once you you do this began a relationship /fellowship with God/ Bible daily, tune into sound biblical radio/tv, etc. Began eating as well as you're able, esp if you can eat fruit & veg raw & order at least 1 exercise video. Make sure you are exercising daily in the home; maybe 1 day sunday is your not exercise day. I recommend walk in doors type exercise video. Play Gospel praise music too incl during exercise. Until video, walk through home consitently incl steps if safely can on regular basis until you are getting at least 30-but ideally 1 hour a day, if must just break up in like 3-4 blocks throughout dayEventually, in Christ you can overcome...but please began by taking care of spirit, and body. May God bless & prayers lifted for you.
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Unlike the people who commented, I too have lived with extreme anxiety and depression. I know that mine is beyond what is normal when I see how other people are able to live. Just going out the front door takes an extreme amount of 'working up the courage'. This kind of anxiety makes it very hard to cope with life at times. Going on an interview gives me an ulcer! But I know once I'm there, I'm ok. A doctor told me something that has stayed with me since I had two ulcers in high school and almost a full heart attack all caused by stress...'canibalism has been outlawed. no matter what they can't eat you!' It may feel like the world is swallowing you up and there is no way out, which I feel too all the time, but you just take a breathe and then another one and then another is a struggle, a big one. But it will work out. and if I had the extra money I would share it with you.
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 in response to ltejeda...   

I'm not quite sure to whom you are referring, however, if it is to me, then I am very sorry for your loss. But I will NOT condone this man asking for a handout just to make him feel better. There are far to many people in dire circumstances, in desperate need of the necessities and this man wants $20K to basically alleivate his anxiety and depression. For that matter I think $20k should just about do it for me too! TO me, he is no different than the fat cats on wall street begging for their golden parachutes. $700 BILLION to just begin to clean up their mess - where do this leave the rest of us? I'll tell you.. supporting THEM! 

I just read an article today in my local news. As of 10/1/08 NYS is deducting a $25 fee from all child support is a FEDERAL MANDATE - I get $66/ week - now I will get $42, but hey, let me give it to someone - anyone -  just so they can FEEL BETTER! Why not take my $300 pay check while you're at it? Seems I don;t need that either....After the taxes and insurance, yep that is what I bring home $300 per week.... but because of this incredible amount of money that I earn, I do not qualify for assistance!

total net income $1368 - for 3 people per month - and I have it much better than most!

I am supporting 2 kids - 1 in college -  and now I have a mortgage... Anyone want to talk to me about stress, depression and anxiety? GO right ahead! You live MY life - or any of the other lives on this site - before you stick your hand out to alleviate YOUR suffering. Walk in their shoes FIRST... then you just might have a legitimate complaint.... 

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 in response to W H O ~ K N E W...   

Whys would you speak to anyone that way? My husband died of a cancer he incurrd from his work we lost 4 years salary and paid over $800,000 and a property and you wanto me to feel guitlty? ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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 in response to W H O ~ K N E W...   

Who Knew,

I have to agree with you.  I think most of us here have been anxious & depressed about finances at one time or another.  I & everyone here would love to have someone 'give' us 20 grand.  I am sure everyone would feel better.

I bet those homeless kids would feel better too, if someone 'gave' them 20 grand. 

Some people's mindset never cease to amaze me.

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Do you know how many homeless families would have a warm meal and place to sleep tonight for $20,000?  But you deserve it more because you are anxious and depressed. How do you think 14,000 homeless children sleeping in shelters in NYC feel tonight? FREAKING WONDEFUL? 

Let me ask you something, how did you get $20,000 in debt? was it gambling, drinking, drugs? Or was it just necessities? Either way, I'll bet you have a hot meal on your table and a warm place to sleep tonight.  Think about those kids living on the streets then next time you hold your hand out. 

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